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Gary Sellers wasn't born with a guitar in his hand, but you'd never know it. His smooth riffs and heartfelt licks drip with emotion that pours straight from his soul to his fingers. While he always loved music, it wasn't until Gary turned 17 that he picked up a guitar. Soon after, he discovered the Long Island blues scene. Gary frequented local clubs with his black-and-white marble notebook in hand, always jotting down song ideas and things he'd learned from watching the different bands play. The "boy with the book" caught the eye of Long Island Blues legend Sam Taylor, who would eventually become his mentor. 

He followed the Sam Taylor Band closely before signing on as its regular guitarist and adding his soulful voice on background vocals. Taylor guided his growth as a musician and even helped him to craft a few of the tunes on his debut album, "Young Man with the Blues." 

Jump forward a few years to today as Gary's latest album Soul Apparatus has just been released. You'll find a more mature musician who hasn't lost his chops or his soul as he strives to entertain a wider audience.

Gary's youthful appearance belies his musical maturity. His songs ring true with passion and grit, conveying universal emotions. He writes of love and loss, funneling pain and yearning through the healing groove of his melodies. Gary pays homage to the blues greats, but weaves hints of Funk, Soul, Rock and R&B into his work to create his own unique vibe. According to Good Times Magazine, Gary's "tunes are surprisingly sophisticated... [and] his guitar playing is a fine mixture of mechanics and feel. In short, the Cat can play!" 

Gary defies expectations. He doesn't fit the stereotype of a blues man, but he is a worthy inheritor to the tradition — he's got the heart and the chops to carry the torch for a new generation.

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